Alzheimer Care – The Quiet Thief – Interview

As I indicated in my previous post, there are a number of things we can to do reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s, however, there is no sure cure. Prevention is most certainly something that we need to incorporate into our lives, it may not be sufficient. The interview below covers many of the things […]

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Alzheimer’s – The Quiet Thief alzheimers

Alzheimer’s or Dementia? From a somewhat pragmatic standpoint, it may not make any difference if your loved one had Alzheimer’s or Dementia, however from a management standpoint it can make a significant difference. The primary difference is that Dementia (Old Age) is generally associated with memory loss whereas  Alzheimer’s can result in loss of Cognition, […]

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Backcountry Skiing

As you may have determined from some of my other posts, I love skiing and especially love the backcountry.  I’m certain there are many  who look at the backcountry and wish they could do it, but believe that is either too difficult, or that it requires a level of fitness that they just don’t have. […]

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Teen Suicide

I had not planned on discussing this very sensitive topic this week, however, as a result of an event that occurred in our area yesterday I deemed this a very necessary discussion. While not an expert in “Teen Suicide”, I have been an observer of the effects on those who ultimately feel responsible (regardless of […]

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Square Foot Gardening

This time of the year, good skiing days are getting harder to come by, and the trails are a bit to muddy to make for good biking (not that any of that would stop me), however, it seems that a bare patch of earth has a pull. Over the years I’ve experimented with a number […]

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Prostate Cancer – Recovery

It’s been four months since I completed HDR Brachytherapy, and I wanted to comment on what I believe was one of the most important things in my treatment.  It was “Early Detection“. As time has gone by, and I’ve had the chance to hear about or talk with those who haven’t caught it early, and […]

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What’s Your Login? password recovery

If a close family member dies, can you login to their social media or other account? If a child commits suicide, or their behavior is unusual can you login to their social media or other account to determine if there are potential issues? We all know that passwords for bank accounts and other financial dealings […]

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Three Things To Do Before You Die

There are many things that are important before you die, but a few actually affect those close friends and family whom you leave behind.  Three of the things that each person needs to do are: Make sure your estate planning is done.  This means that you at least have an attorney prepare a will, health […]

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So You’re Facing a Loss of Job

It’s the day after you were informed that you were facing loss of job and you’re still alive.  At this point you’re probably surprised that this is true.  Believe it or not, you will not die unless you choose to do so, life will go on, and you will be better for the experience if you […]

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Adult Vaccinations – We Still Need Them

I know you got your shots when you were in school, so you probably think you don’t need any more shots.  This couldn’t be farther from the truth.  As a mature adult you need to pay attention to recommended adult vaccinations.  The following may help you stay current. After 40 there are some preventative screening […]

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