So You’re Facing a Loss of Job

It’s the day after you were informed that you were facing loss of job and you’re still alive.  At Lost Your Job - You've Been Cannedthis point you’re probably surprised that this is true.  Believe it or not, you will not die unless you choose to do so, life will go on, and you will be better for the experience if you make the decision to use this as an opportunity to decide what you want to do going forward.  Having faced this situation on several occasions, there are several pieces of advice that have been given to me that have been life savers.

  • You may not realize it yet, when you lost your job, you immediately got another full time job.  Because this is a full time position, you will be expected to work a minimum of 40 to 50 hours per week, however, you can decide which holidays you want to take.  Your full time position is seeking employment or starting your own business.
  • Because you are the CEO of your job search, you have the responsibility to determine the strategies you will use in pursuing this new venture.  At this point as the senior strategist, you do not want to overlook any possible strategies that will result in finding that perfect fit (job boards, cold calling, networking, business groups, etc.)
  • Any good business manager knows that you need to find a mentor to bounce ideas off.  Certainly, a spouse is an important mentor/coach, but find someone that will be willing to listen to ideas and concepts as well as successes and failures, and occasionally provide that swift kick to the posterior (when needed).
  • Just as any new job requires that you learn new skills to be effective, this position will require that you study and learn all you can about presenting and marketing yourself.  There are many resources for posting a job, but you will need to find a local resource that is dedicated to training in the job search process.  One free resource that offers classes and good training is

Now that you’ve got the opportunity to be your own boss.  Run the business like you mean it.

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